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Citizen Historian

Be a Citizen Historian with our Backus-Page Backpacks.

Each one includes everything inside for you to conduct oral history interviews. A video camera, tripod, audio recorder, notebook, instructions, questions to ask and more are inside.

Borrow a backpack for 2 weeks and when you return it, museum staff and volunteers will catalogue, edit and add your interviews to our Oral History database. Each interviewer and interviewee must sign a waiver giving use of their audio and visual recordings to Tyrconnell Heritage Society operators of Backus-Page House Museum. Some or all portions of interviews may be used for historical research, publications, podcasts and online videos.

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    Have your own equipment or just want to record on your smart phone?

    Use our instructions and submit your audio, video and signed waivers to be included in the Oral History project.

    Oral History Procedures
    Legal Release Form
    Interviewee Biographical Profile

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