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Wetland “Storey” Trail

What is the Wetland?

A wetland is an area that is saturated with water long enough for the soil to become waterlogged. They support a variety of water-loving and water-tolerant plants and animals.

Some wetlands have water all year round, while others have water for only part of the year such as vernal pools.

Here at John E. Pearce Provincial Park, our wetland is a marsh. Marshes are periodically or permanently flooded with water. Typical plant species include cattails and water lilies. Be on the lookout for turtles and herons. Although found throughout Ontario, the most productive marshes are located along the southern Great Lakes.

The Path to Healthy Wetlands

John E. Pearce Provincial Park has experienced a major restoration project including the construction of 3 wetlands, tallgrass prairie planting, plantation thinning and the creation of an interpretive trail. Tree plantings, invasive species removal and prescribed burns have also been among the restoration efforts onsite; all aimed at increasing biodiversity, connecting fragmented habitats and promoting climate change resiliency.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) and Ontario Parks are committed to restoring and re-naturalising as much crown land as possible, to increase and promote the ecological integrity of our parks and landscape. This multi-year project began in 2015, and it was only successful with the assistance of our many partners.

Ways to Explore the Wetlands

Hike the Trails

Hike the wetlands yourself or with friends at your own pace. There are 15 panels about the wetlands and the history of the area for you to enjoy. As well as a viewing platform to see the wonder of biodiversity from above.

Audio Guides

Download our audio guides below to accompany you on your hike. This will help immerse you into the environment and allow you to focus on enjoying the wetlands.

Field Trips

If you are an education provider, consider booking a Biodiversity themed field trip.
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Teacher Resources

If you are looking to develop your own hands-on learning experience, we have teacher resources.
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