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Backus-Page House Museum

Tyrconnell Heritage Society

29424 Lakeview Line
Wallacetown, ON
N0L 2M0

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Executive Director:Angela Bobier

Finance:Lexi Leitch

Education Coordinator:Penelope Stoddart

Events Coordinator:Lynnai Bruggeman

:Patience Boyd

Visitor Experience Outreach:Katlyn Reintsma

Museum Coordinator:Jamie Vojvodin

President:Pamela Moor-Bruggeman

Vice President:Nick Wells

Secretary:Brian Elliott

Treasurer:Don Bobier

Directors:Colin McGugan, Liz Elliott, Debra Webster, Marcus Frazer

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    Visitor Feedback

    Visitors are welcome to provide feedback on the way Backus-Page House Museum provides services to all people and especially people with disabilities. All comments will be directed to the Executive Director, who will respond within 14 business days.