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Veterans of Dutton Dunwich Histories Wanted

The West Elgin Genealogical & Historical Committee is compiling a new book with photographs, documents and histories of all veterans from the Municipality of Dutton Dunwich who served during The Great War or World War Two. Please make an appointment to bring your photographs, diaries, telegrams, paperwork, medals and more to be photographed and scanned at Backus-Page House Museum. WW2 Contact Angela Foreman-Bobier

A list of WW2 veterans from Dutton Dunwich (WW1 list will be in another post).

Adlington, Allan K. 

Adlington, David 

Adlington, Raymond 

Affleck, William Eldridge 

Aitkenhead, William Walter 

Anderson, David J. 

Anderson, Kenneth Robert 

Anderson, Lloyd Russell 

Anderson, Raymond G. 

Backus, George Henry 

Backus, John R. 

Bailey, Ralph 

Bambridge, John 

Barker, Fred 

Beecroft, Almon Edwin 

Beecroft, Charles Edward 

Beer, Harry R. 

Beer, W.S. 

Bell, James T. 

Bennett, Edward James 

Bennett, James 

Blackburn, William 

Boonman, Irene 

Bradt, Leslie 

Brown, Glen L. 

Brown, James Junior 

Brown, John Dent 

Brown, Joseph Rowland 

Browning, Charles E.  

Burch, Archie 

Burns, Louis Robert 

Burslem, Allan Mackenzie 

Callahan, John 

Callahan, Marion 

Campbell, Alfred Ezra 

Campbell, Clarence McPhail 

Campbell, David Robert 

Campbell, Duncan Kenneth 

Campbell, Edgar St. Clair 

Campbell, Norman Jacob 

Carswell, John Homer 

Clark, Robert Bruce 

Clark, Stanley D. 

Collier, Chester Franklin 

Cook, Albert Edward 

Cook, Jack F. 

Cook, William J. 

Crawford, Donald P. 

Crawford, James Arnold 

Cross, Howard Nelson 

Daniels, George N. 

Dummer, Elmer A. 

Dummer, Raymond G. 

Duncanson, Don Allister 

Duncanson, Kenneth Donald 

Duncanson, Margaret 

Duncanson, St. Clair 

Edwards, William George 

Evans, William Edward 

Fillmore, Leo 

Flannery, Patrick J. 

Ford, George E. 

Ford, John 

Ford, Mac 

Ford, Murray 

Foreman, Walter Edward Mervyn 

Fox, Frank Wm. 

Fox, John Maurice 

Fox, Joseph N. 

Geer, Jack 

Gervis, David 

Gibson, Leo Garth 

Gilbert, George Russell 

Golder, Chester 

Graham, Alex. J. 

Graham, Arthur 

Graham, Donald Duncan 

Graham, Malcolm Grant 

Graham, Vernon Hamilton 

Green, Harvey 

Green, Reginald H. 

Green, Russell 

Griffiths, Herbert 

Haines, Harold Wallace 

Haines, Wilfred 

Halpin, Earl 

Hawkins, Alfred 

Hefford, George Cole 

Henderson, Melvin Frank 

Hillman, Bruce Ivan 

Hillman, John Arnold 

Hillman, William Donald 

Hindle, Edna Lee 

Hockin, Harold Willilam 

Hockin, John Murray 

Hockin, Thomas David 

Hodder, John William 

Hoffman, Harold Kenneth 

Hoffman, Harry Louis 

Hoglund, David Melvin 

Holland, Clarence Piper 

Holmes, Lloyd G. 

Horn, Charlis Clifford 

Howell, Allan Aylesworth 

Howell, Murray 

Irwin, William 

Jacques, John Allan 

Johnston, Ian Robert 

Johnston, Leslie Harold 

Johnston, William Garland 

Jones, William 

Jones, William Harry 

Keates, Donald 

Keates, Jack 

Keck, Lester Milton 

Keck, Maurice William,  

Keck, Wilbert Roy 

Keillor, James Alvin 

Keillor, Ralph Lawrence 

Keillor, Ronald Lee 

Kiefer, Donald H. 

Kiefer, Louis B. 

Killins, George Stewart 

Kilmer, Charles Frederick 

Knight, Harold L. 

Kominar, Andrew 

Kominar, George 

Kominar, Martin 

Koehler, Harry Elbert 

Lamb, Edward James 

Lamb, Eileen Jean 

Lamb, John 

Lamb, Norman Charles 

Langford, H. George 

Law, Gordon F. 

Leeming, Delbert Roy 

Leitch, Lloyd George 

Leslie, James 

Littlejohn, Jean 

Littlejohn, Margaret 

Lucas, Earl 

Lucas, Sidney 

Lunn, Leonard 

Lyons, Harold 

Lynch, Leo 

Lynch, Ted 

Mackoske, Edward Allan 

MacLean, Kenneth A. 

Malcolm, John Archibald 

Malone, Alfred 

McAlpine, Robert Alexander 

McCaffery, Daniel B, 

McCaffery, Ernest A. 

McCaffery, James Cyril 

McCallum, Angus 

McCallum, Daniel 

McCallum, Edward Z. 

McCallum, Francis Owen 

McCallum, James Alexander 

McCallum, John Cattanach 

McCallum, Lloyd 

McCallum, Margaret 

McCallum, Norman 

McCallum, Wilfred Leroy 

McColl, Hugh Fergus 

McDonald, Aubrey 

McDonald, Carl Blake 

MacEachren, John Norman 

McFarlane, Archie 

McFarlane, Gordon 

McGinnis, Hugh 

McGregor, Douglas St. C. 

McKay, Clifford Donald 

McKay, Kenneth 

McKay, Robert James 

McKay, Ross 

McKay, Wellington 

McKillop, Archie 

McKillop, Robert Arnold 

McKim, Edward Willis 

McLeod, Norman William 

McMillan, Bruce Grant 

McPhail, Margaret Catherine 

McWilliam, John Stewart 

Milligan, James A. 

Milton, Clarence 

Milton, John 

Minnice, Egerton Preston 

Minnice, Thomas K. 

Minnice, Walter Gordon 

Moore, David Bennett 

Moore, Irwin 

Morant, Myron Elmer 

Morris, Norman 

Morrish, Phillip Arthur 

Morrish, Thomas Court 

Mortin, George Livingston 

Mortin, Murray 

Moyer, Charles Theodore 

Mulder, Ralph 

Nichols, Lloyd Ernest 

Nichols, Murray Edward 

Nicholl, Walter 

O’Connell, John W. 

Oliver, William Harold 

Orchard, Arnold Alexander 

Page, William Harold 

Patton, John A. 

Peters, Lawrence 

Percival, John Keith 

Perkins, Raymond Glen 

Phillips, James Murray 

Pinner, Robert James 

Porteous, David Samuel 

Porteous, Delbert Wesley 

Porteous, John 

Poyser, Fred 

Poyser, Freda 

Purdy, Walter Nelson 

Rapelje, Norman 

Revell, James Henry 

Richardson, Roy Henderson 

Roberts, Alfred Edwin 

Roberts, William Dobie 

Ross, John William 

Ruston, Francis George 

Ruston, John Benjamin 

Saunders, A.G. Guy 

Schindler, George E. 

Schindler, Wilfred 

Schollenberger, Robert H. 

Scott, Alexander Campbell 

Scouler, Jack Franklin 

Scouler, Murray 

Shaw, William J.  

Shipley, Vernon 

Sinclair, Fraser A. 

Smith, Charles J. 

Smith, Harold Armstrong 

Smith, Harold E. 

Smith, Peter M. 

Smith, Walter James 

Songhurst, Leslie George 

Sowden, Willard Wm. 

Sutton, Andrew Robert 

Sutton, Elgin Joel 

Sutton, Wesley Raymond 

Tansley, Raymond Robert 

Taylor, Norman 

Thompson, Alex. 

Tolman, George W. 

Treadgold, Donald Milner 

Trothen, R.F. 

Vowel, Donald F. 

Waite, E.C. 

Walker, Howard Ralph 

Webber, Athur Melvin 

Webber, Charles Douglas 

Welch, Norman Coglan 

Waucaush, Charles M. 

Waucaush, James D. 

Willis, Enos 

Willson, Bartley Elmer 

Willson, Hilliard 

Wilson, Clarence 

Wilton, Charles Frederick 

Wrightman, Clara G. 

WW1 Contact Colin McGugan