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Mondays at the Manor – A look at Collections

Behind the Scenes of Collection Management 

Welcome back to Mondays at the Manor. Even though our Museum is closed to the public until we reopen in the spring, work goes on. Our staff and volunteers work year-round to keep our Museum going, so we would like to take some time to show what we do to make our museum a great place to visit.

One of our major projects is working with the items that become part of our artifact collection. Most of our collection is gifts that we receive, and occasionally we purchase an item that will add to a specific exhibit. 

Before we can accept a gift, we have several things to consider. 

Does it fit into our time period? We focus on the years 1850 to 1860, the formative period of the home and lives of Andrew and Mary Jane Backus. We can also accept items in the mid-20th century during the time the home was owned by the Page family.

Does it relate to the history of the Talbot Settlement? This allows to accept items that are appropriate to life in that geographic area.

Is it unique to our collections? If we already have a similar or identical item, is this a different example, or perhaps an item in better condition.

Do we have a place to safely store and care for an item? As a museum, we are responsible for items that are in our care.

All of the items that we received are examined by our Cultural Manager according to criteria set out by our Board of Directors.  If something does not fit into the needs of the museum, we then return the item to the person who donated it.  

When we do accept a donation, we begin to take steps to document the artifact and add it to an exhibit or prepare to store it for future use.   The next blog will outline what steps we take to document and care for all the items that we have.

Even though our Museum is closed for tours, work continues, and so do expenses. If you are able to contribute financially by purchasing a Tyrconnell Heritage Society Membership or making a donation in any amount your support would be greatly appreciated.  Memberships – Individual $30; Couple $35; Family $40; Organization $45; Business $75; Individual Lifetime $250  Here is the link to our page at CanadaHelps