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Mondays at the Manor – Dressing through the Decades/An Look at What’s coming

Welcome to another series of “Monday at the Manor”.   During our down time, many of us have been enjoying period movies through our streaming services. With that in mind, we though it would be fun to take a trip through time with a look at fashions with a focus on the dresses worn by the ladies. Gentlemen, please do not feel left out, men’s clothing will be covered when there are major style changes. Watch for a special issue about the Levi Strauss Company and the wearing of denim.

We will be looking at the fashions worn by the Backus and Page families from the building of their home in 1850 until the sale of the home to the Page family in 1925 and the sale of their home to the Ministry of Natural Resources in 1968.

As can be seen from these photos, dress styles went through many changes so we will look at style in a general period. If there is a particular style which catches your interest, or you want more information, please comment on our blog or our facebook page.

Watch next week as we begin our look at “Dressing through the Decades”.

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