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A Grand Opening – and an Invitation

Three years ago, Tyrconnell Heritage Society was presented with two gifts from the estates of George Kimble and Theresa McPhee. The only request was that these funds be used to preserve the agricultural heritage of our area.

We are now nearing completion of this exciting project. Over the three years, we have planned, budgeted, and worked to bring their dream to life. Even through a pandemic, with openings and closings, work has continued. We were fortunate to have wood delivered and a minimal amount of work started prior to March 2020 and the construction crew, led by Ron Ross, were able to continue to work, even without staff on site.

In addition to the physical building, we were able to extend our hydro, including a new transformer, and our internet service to our Heritage Barn, our Agricultural Centre, and even our front gate. To assist in making our entire site more accessible, and to get our occupancy permit, we were able to obtain a grant to replace our older walkway and have our Carriage House facilities updated with new doors.

Our Cultural Manager, Angela Bobier, has worked tirelessly to work with Ron, a crew of summer students, and a gang of volunteers, to keep everyone on track and motivated to move through the stopping and starting. This past summer, we were able to get our exhibits built. Avery Vojvodin, one of our summer students, brought her amazing carpentry skills to lead the building of our exhibits. Please notice – we have volunteers of all ages and welcome everyone who would like to keep our local history alive.

When you come to visit, you’ll also notice that many of our exhibits are on wheeled bases. This will allow us to be able to use our new Centre as a rental for community gatherings. In case of bad weather, it will also allow us to have space for our Education Programs for grades 3 and 7.

We will be having our Grand Opening this weekend on September 4th at 10.30am. Please make plans to come and join us and see what we have for you. Tickets can be pre-purchased online or at the gate using cash, credit or debit cards.

Here is a look at our progress and a sneak peek inside. COME AND JOIN US!!