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Transcription Tuesday XVIII: Lines on Mrs Fawkes

Ariana Malthaner

This week’s transcription is from the autograph book of Jennie Dyke who, at this point, had become Jennie Fawkes. This is one of the most faded of the pages in the autograph book and is thus one of the more difficult ones to read. However, the handwriting is fairly clear and upon close inspection it is indeed legible!

The poem appears to have been written by a friend who was present at her marriage, as the author’s surname (McIntyre) is not her married or maiden name and therefore is not an immediate relative. The poem itself is short and sweet, and praises Mrs Fawkes as both an individual and as a mother.

Lines on Mrs Fawkes

Mrs Fawkes was a thoughtful girl

And youth who knew a precious pearl

For her value he could prize

This priceless jewel of his eyes

Happy for both the day they wed

When to the altar her he led

So skilled in womans work and ways

Her children do her love and praise

James McIntyre Ingersoll Feb 1892