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Nesting Egg Cups Mondays at the Manor – A look at our Collection

Nesting Egg Cups

One of the more unique items in our collection is an egg nest which came to us in 2012 from Evelyn Hathaway.  Our piece consists of the nest and 6 egg cups and is used for serving boiled eggs and helps to keep the eggs warm.

Egg cups have been used throughout history.  Archeologists have found wood cups as far back as ancient Rome. Cups made during the 1700s have been found made of silver, and the famous Fabergé jewelry company made cups that came with matching silver spoons. More modern cups come in glass or plastic and often are shaped like a chicken.

Our cups were made by the S. Fielding Company in England and is part of the “Royal Devon” design. 

When you visit us, look around the first floor as these cups can be found on our buffet or possibly in a china cabinet.

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