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Mustache Cups Mondays at the Manor – A look at our Collection

Mustache cups

During the 19th century, facial hair became part of a gentleman’s look. Beards and mustaches were popular and as the century progressed, mustaches became larger. Many men waxed and dyed their moustaches to keep them groomed and curled.

While men took pride in their facial hair, they discovered that the dye and wax would melt and spill into the tea or coffee that they were drinking.  Mr. Henry Adams, a British potter, created a special mug that would help protect the mustache and keep it clean and dry. 

Our museum has two nice examples of these mugs. The gold cup on the left came to us in 2017 and the cup on the right with the roses was received in September 2020. The rose cup came to us as a gift from a reenactor who was taking part in our Life in the Talbot Settlement weekend.

You can see these pieces on exhibit in our dining room.

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