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Be Kind for Canada Day

By Angela Bobier, Cultural Manager

For days now I’ve been wondering what to post on this blog and all museum social media for Canada Day 2021. We are mourning the unmarked children’s graves found at Residential Schools, we are saddened by ongoing racism and hate crimes, and we are still struggling with the ongoing pandemic and its impact. Embarrassment and shame at the treatment of people in our past and today is normal. There’s no doubt that genocide is part of our history. Cancelling Canada Day entirely also seems wrong when we could use it to educate, come together, reflect and reset for a better future. Wanting to wear an orange shirt and attend a march is OK. Having a barbeque and hanging a Canadian flag is OK. Wearing an orange shirt, while hanging your Canadian flag and having a barbeque is OK. Doing nothing……OK too. Consider spending some time reflecting on what needs to be healed in our country and how you can be part of that reconciliation. I suggest that whatever you choose do on July 1, 2021 at least be kind and respectful to everyone, how they feel and how they do or do not commemorate Canada becoming a country back in 1867.

For more information and resources please go to the following websites.

To join in with Ottawa and their time of reflection on Canada Day go to CBC.

Our museum buildings are closed until we move to Stage 3 but the park and grounds are open. Spending time in nature anytime is good for you (stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and check yourself for ticks).