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Transcription Tuesday XX: True friendship

Ariana Malthaner

One of the most challenging aspects of transcription is a hand that is mostly readable, but with a few key words indistinguishable. There is hardly anything more frustrating than trying, and failing, to accurately decipher a full page!

This original poem, composed by a Clara, to Isabella Woods is one such poem. While the majority of the poem is legible and easily read, a few key components are impossible to make out.

Any suggestions as to how to fill in the gaps are thoroughly appreciated!

True Friendship

True friendship is a sacred tie

That kindred hearts unite;

A cheering flame that’s e’er the same

And burns so heart so bright

A golden chain of…strength

A tie not easy given

And where is…bright kindred hearts

The angels weep in Heaven

Clara Tuesday August 16th 1865