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Weekend Highlights July 31-August 1

Welcome back to your weekend highlights! With the cancelling of both Wallacetown and Rodney fairs the past couple years, we’ve all been needing some fair time. This weekend, I’ve got just the thing to fill that need.

Insert the St Thomas Summer Carnival (aka the St Anne’s Community Festival)! I actually missed mentioning this last weekend, so sorry for the late notice! Open July 28 through August 1, 2021, starting at 1pm, the corner of Talbot and Ross St in St Thomas, Ontario, is home to this celebratory fair. What it’s celebrating, I think that’ll be mostly up to you to decide.

It’s a fair, so you know there’ll be food, games, and rides there to enjoy. Tickets for those rides are available in bundles of 1, 10, 22, and 40. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, day-pass wristbands are unavailable to make sure proper capacity restrictions are in place. In addition to the usual sights, there is a 50/50 raffle with tickets being sold for $2 in support of the charities that St Anne’s Parish would normally support.